Kanazawa Visitors Host


Traditional Culture

Experience: Kaga Yuzen, Gold leaf, Lacquerware Exp: tea ceremony, Ikebana (flower arrangement) exp: sushi-making, Kutani pottery Wearing kimono with your hair done Noh theatre & trying Noh costumes

Food Culture

fresh seafood from the Omicho Market local food: reasonable to Michelin starred Sake brewery tour: sake tasting Miso & soy sauce tour: miso making Kaga cuisine lesson/Japanese confection making


samurai life, geiko (geisha) district, Maeda clan Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Castle, Samurai Distric Chayagai (Teahouse) experience


21st Century Museum (SANAA) D.T. Suzuki Museum (Taniguchi) Machiya put to use


Restaurant booking with a geisha possible Visit to the Craftmaster/mistress' atelier possibl

I am a simultaneous interpreter and have worked with several celebrities and VIPS around the world.
Originally from Tokyo, but have lived in Kanazawa for over 25 years and love this city! Received my education abroad (India, Singapore, California, Paris) since the age of 8 to 22 and have a non-Japanese like outgoing character--but a good listener at the same time! I shall be very honoured to getting to know you and taking you around to the best of my ability.

Walking Tours (Taxi or One-day bus pass suggested)
1~5 persons
1 Day Tour ¥30,000 (8 hours)
1/2 Day Tour ¥15,000 (4 hours)

Have connections with top restaurants in Kanazawa and will be able to make special reservations for you.

I can book you for a restaurant with the presence of a geisha.

including visiting Kaga Yuzen master's atelier,
Lacquerware master's atelier
Tea Ceremony with an Urasenke Master/Mistress, etc.

a day trip can be arranged using public transport or a private taxi.

Advance notice would be grateful to make your stay in Kanazawa most comfortable.

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10October 2019

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