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Traditional Culture

flower arrangment, tea ceremoney, noh performance, Gold leaf, Kaga Yuzen dyeing, Kutani pottery, Ohi Kanazawa Geisha culture Kaga Mizuhiki, Kaga fishing flies I demonstrate & teach Japanese flower arrangement

Food Culture

sushi, kaiseki, Kaga vegetables, Kaga cuisines


Japanese history, history of Kanazawa


traditional townhouses


kimono & kimono culture

I design my tours to show you the best of Kanazawa in a way that is informative & entertaining as a local woman who was born & grew up in downtown Kanazawa.

I specialize in walking tours around the backstreets of downtown
Shall we explore them together?
A walking tour with a local guide will take you on an exciting journey-not possible wlth other guides.

I guide individual guests, VIP guests, groups, guests coming to Kanazawa , Takaoka Fushiki, & Tsuruga by cruise ship.
My guiding areas include not only Kanazawa but also Noto, Gokayama, Shirakawago, Takayama, Toyama, Fukui, Nagano, & Matsumoto.

Kanazawa is a treasure trove full of beautiful scenery, history, samurai culture, arts & crafts such as gold leaf, pottery, lacquer ware, Kaga Yuzen dyeing, Kaga Mizuhiki paper
wire work, Kaga fishing flies, local
vegetables, and Kaga cuisine.

I have been learning ikebana-flower arrangement for 30 years, tea ceremony for 20 years and noh performance(the chanting of a noh text & shoulder-drum) for 3 years.
I am also licensed as an instructor for
flower arrangement and I teach it to foreigners in English.
I am sure my background knowledge of traditional culture will help you enjoy the incredible sites of this city.
Also, I am familiar with kimono, and I can provide a short lesson about kimono.

In addition, you will have an opportunity in Kanazawa to experience tea ceremony, or Noh performance (shoulder-drum) under each grand master if you make a reservation at least 10 days in advance.

Iam really looking forward to seeing you in my hometown, Kanazawa.

Guide Fees:
One day (7 hours) 25000 JPY
Half day (4 hours)15000 JPY

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11November 2022

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