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Traditional Culture

Geisha culture Noh-play culture Flower arrangement


History of Kanazawa


Photography (Landscape, Trains)

Hi everyone!!! I'm Yukie. I'm a hobby photographer, especially in the field of landscape and trains.

Kanazawa is one of the best cities that you can feel close to the daily life of people in the Edo period (1603-1868). Would you like to see it? Choose the tour below.

- Feudal lord (Up to 4 hours)
- Samurai & Geisha (Up to 4 hours)
- Both of the above (Up to 8 hours)

- Start from: Kanazawa station / Your hotel
- Transportation: Hop-on hop-off bus

Why don't we go out for "Tori-tetsu", train photo shooting? I can suggest you some photogenic spots around Kanazawa.

- Tori-tetsu tour (Up to 6 or 8 hours)
- Start from: Kanazawa station / Your hotel
- Transportation: Local trains

My Instagram posts will give you a small glimpse of what "Tori-tetsu" is like.

For further information, feel free to contact me for inquiry at anytime. Please let me know if you have any requests for other courses. I'd be happy to arrange the itinerary for you.

Let's explore Kanazawa together!!!

Guide fees:
Up to 4 hours less than 4 people ¥12,000
Up to 6 hours less than 4 people ¥20,000
Up to 8 hours less than 4 people ¥25,000

*Additional fee will be needed at
- Transportation (for both customers and guide)
- Admission (for both customers and guide)
- Meals

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