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Traditional Culture

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History of Kanazawa



Hi everyone!!! I'm Yukie. Are you interested in learning about Japanese "Geisha" or "Samurai"? Kanazawa is one of the best cities that you can visit to experience, as close as possible, the ways of their lifestyle from the Edo period. Let me know what you are interested in and where you want to visit. I will try my best to tailor my tours to your specific interests. I also love photography and my photos on Instagram will give you a small glimpse of what Kanazawa is like. Please check it out at
I would love to be a part of your visit to Kanazawa, my hometown of which I am so proud. Let's explore Kanazawa together!!! Feel free to contact me at anytime.

Guide fees:
Up to 4 hours less than 4 people ¥12,000
Up to 6 hours less than 4 people ¥20,000
*Admission fee, cost of traffic and meals are not included in the guide fee.

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2February 2020

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