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- Short Morning Tour by Walking -
I'm Tae, loving food and walking around Kenroku-en.
This tour visits Kenroku-en Garden, Kanazawa Castle Park and Oumi-cho Market by walking.
I'll take you to well-known spots and a-little-known spots in the garden and castle park.
In addition, you can enjoy walk-and-eat at the market.
Do not miss them in Kanazawa!
Those are so Kanazawa!!

- Participation fee -
2500yen/person (about 3 hrs tour)
*20% discount by 3 or more participants
*Payment is cash only at the meeting place
before starting.
*Solo-participant is welcome.

- Inclusions -

- Exclusions -
*admission fee
*food and drink

- Meeting place -
Katsurazaka entrance of Kenroku-en
- Departure time -
9:30 am
(*please come to the point by 9:25am)

- Others -
* Please come in comfortable clothing
and shoes.
* I recommend having some extra cash to
enjoy walk-and-eat.
* Feel free to ask me anything.
* Cancellation is OK up to 12hrs ago.

-More information-

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